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UK Charity Activity Tags (UK-CAT) classification system

UK-CAT is a classification system designed to categorise the activites of charities in the UK. More detail about how the system was designed can be found on the main page.

The system is organised into 24 categories, with 17 subcategories and 230 tags in total. It is designed to accommodate charities having more than one tag applied.

Armed forces [AF]

Code Tag Subcategory
AF101 Army
AF102 Navy
AF104 Veterans

Animals [AN]

Code Tag Subcategory
AN101 Cats
AN102 Dogs
AN103 Donkeys
AN104 Horses

Arts [AR]

Code Tag Subcategory
AR101 Culture
AR102 Festival
AR103 Languages
AR104 Visual arts
AR200 Media and publishing
AR201 Film
AR202 Literature
AR203 Media
AR204 Print media
AR205 Radio
AR206 Television
AR300 Performing art
AR301 Choirs
AR302 Dance
AR303 Music
AR304 Musical theatre
AR305 Opera
AR306 Orchestra
AR307 Theatre

Associations [AS]

Code Tag Subcategory
AS101 Community association
AS102 Fraternal societies
AS103 Inner Wheel
AS104 League of Friends
AS105 Social club
AS106 Townswomen's Guild
AS107 Women's Institute
AS200 Service clubs
AS201 Lions club
AS202 Rotary club
AS300 Youth Groups
AS301 Cadets
AS302 Girlguiding
AS303 Scouting

Beneficiary group [BE]

Code Tag Subcategory
BE101 Asylum seekers and refugees
BE102 Children
BE103 Families
BE104 Girls
BE106 Men
BE107 Migrants
BE108 Older people
BE109 Parents and guardians
BE110 People with learning disabilities
BE111 Racial; ethnic or national communities
BE112 Widows; widowers and orphans
BE113 Women
BE114 Young children
BE115 Young people
BE200 People with disabilities
BE201 Riding for the disabled

Charitable activities [CA]

Code Tag Subcategory
CA101 Advice and individual advocacy
CA102 Charity shops
CA103 Policy campaigning and advocacy
CA104 Social Investment
CA200 Grant making
CA201 Grants to individuals
CA202 Grants to organisations

Childcare [CC]

Code Tag Subcategory
CC101 Nursery
CC102 Out of school club
CC103 Playground
CC104 Playgroup

Crime and Justice [CJ]

Code Tag Subcategory
CJ101 Offender support and rehabilitation
CJ102 Prevention and safety
CJ103 Road safety
CJ104 Trafficking and modern slavery
CJ105 Victim support

Charity and VCS support [CV]

Code Tag Subcategory
CV101 Financial investment
CV102 Fundraising
CV103 Umbrella bodies
CV104 Volunteering

Economic and community development [EC]

Code Tag Subcategory
EC101 Community development
EC102 Economic development
EC103 International development
EC104 Planning and architecture
EC105 Rural and farming areas
EC106 Social enterprise
EC107 Unemployment
EC108 Urban areas
EC200 Infrastructure
EC201 Energy
EC202 Water

Education [ED]

Code Tag Subcategory
ED101 Adult education
ED102 Further education
ED103 Higher education
ED104 Primary education
ED105 Student support
ED106 Schools
ED107 Secondary education
ED108 Student union
ED109 University of the Third Age
ED200 School support
ED201 Parent teacher
ED202 School fundraising
ED300 Training
ED301 Basic skills
ED302 Employability training
ED304 IT and digital
ED305 Mentoring
ED306 Vocational training

Environment [EN]

Code Tag Subcategory
EN101 Climate Emergency
EN102 Conservation and sustainability
EN103 Recycling
EN104 Wildlife

Facilities [FA]

Code Tag Subcategory
FA101 Cemetery
FA102 Community cafe
FA103 Community centre
FA104 Green space
FA105 Open spaces
FA106 Playing fields
FA107 Village hall
FA108 Youth centre

Health [HE]

Code Tag Subcategory
HE200 Health condition
HE201 Addiction and dependency
HE202 Cancer
HE203 Cerebral palsy
HE204 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
HE205 Dementia
HE206 Fibromyalgia
HE207 Hearing loss
HE208 HIV / Aids
HE209 Maternity
HE210 Mental health
HE211 Motor Neurone Disease
HE212 Multiple Sclerosis
HE213 Sickle Cell
HE214 Strokes
HE215 Visual impairment
HE300 Health services
HE301 Alternative medicine
HE302 Ambulance service
HE303 Complementary therapies
HE304 Counselling and therapy
HE305 Health and wellbeing
HE306 Nursing
HE307 Palliative care
HE308 Physiotherapy
HE309 Surgery
HE400 Healthcare provider
HE401 Hospice
HE402 Hospital
HE500 Healthcare provider support
HE501 Friends of healthcare provider
HE502 Healthcare provider fundraising

Housing [HO]

Code Tag Subcategory
HO101 Accommodation
HO102 Almshouse
HO103 Homelessness
HO104 Housing association
HO105 Temporary or emergency housing

Heritage [HR]

Code Tag Subcategory
HR101 Archaeology
HR102 Historical conservation and restoration
HR103 History
HR104 Monuments; statues and memorials
HR105 Museum
HR106 Natural history

Leisure [LE]

Code Tag Subcategory
LE101 Exercise and fitness
LE102 Gardening
LE103 Hobbies
LE104 Outdoor pursuits
LE105 Recreation
LE106 Sports

Professions [PR]

Code Tag Subcategory
PR101 Clergy
PR102 Emergency service workers
PR103 Healthcare workers
PR104 Miners

Religion [RL]

Code Tag Subcategory
RL101 Baha'i
RL102 Buddhism
RL103 Hinduism
RL104 Islam
RL105 Jainism
RL106 Judaism
RL107 Sikhism
RL108 Spiritualism
RL200 Christianity
RL201 Church of England
RL202 Church of Ireland
RL203 Church of Scotland
RL204 Jehovah's Witnesses
RL205 Roman Catholic
RL206 Society of Friends (Quakers)
RL300 Religious activities
RL301 Chaplaincy
RL302 Church or place of worship
RL303 Parochial Church Council
RL304 Religious education
RL305 Religious ministry

Research [RS]

Code Tag Subcategory
RS101 Medical research
RS102 Philosophy
RS103 Science

Social care [SC]

Code Tag Subcategory
SC101 Adult day care
SC102 Carer support
SC103 Children in care
SC104 Children's homes
SC105 Domiciliary care
SC106 Residential care
SC107 Residential care with nursing
SC108 Respite

Saving of lives [SL]

Code Tag Subcategory
SL101 Emergency services
SL102 Humanitarian relief
SL103 Search and rescue

Society [SO]

Code Tag Subcategory
SO101 Citizenship
SO102 Conflict resolution
SO103 Democracy
SO104 Equality and diversity
SO105 Human rights
SO106 Racial justice
SO107 Religious; racial or cross-border harmony

Social welfare [SW]

Code Tag Subcategory
SW101 Benevolent Society
SW102 Bereavement
SW103 Clothes
SW104 Community transport
SW105 Individual poverty
SW106 Loneliness
SW107 Social activities
SW200 Abuse
SW201 Child abuse
SW202 Domestic abuse
SW203 Refuge or shelter
SW204 Sexual abuse
SW300 Food
SW301 Food banks

Last update: January 2, 2024
Created: January 2, 2024